008 – Longest. Spring Break. Ever.

New Face:

  • What do we name him?
    • Freshman, Spike, Bullwinkle, Terry, Bucky, Eugene, Bugle, Buck, Eddie, Chet, Bull, Elkie, Harry, Springer, Elliot, Arvie, Bully, Elmo, Eloise, Split Toe, Horns, Buckzilla, Funky Buck, Bull Dozer, Wooly Bully, Bugle Boy, Alfie, Alvin, Wapati, Buggy, and Lebron James

Apache County Fair – Livestock Shows and Auction

  • Show stream highlights – https://youtu.be/XoJiYIGTIRk?t=2187
  • Crushed previous record of $124,000 with a new sale record of $213,568
  • Let’s Go Elks crew/Zero Luck Live was there

Facemasks and Gaiters still available

Contact us on Facebook to order your mask or gaiter today.

Fall sports:

  • Football
    • Move to 3A East
    • Let’s Go Elks and the LOFT will be LIVE on October 2nd
    • 3A has to provide three teams.  Frosh, JV, and Varsity.  Spreading things out as much as possible due to numbers.
  • Volleyball
    • Coach Donaldson with us tonight
    • 2A South move.  How is that affecting the season?
  • Soccer
    • Lots of travel
    • Boys and Girls teams
  • XC
    • New program this year.
    • Travelling to Camp Verde, Marana, Sectionals, and State

Winter Sports Updates:

  • Information coming in the a few weeks to month
  • Pushed back one week at this point.
  • Winter schedule is NOT correct.
  • North schools will be doing their own thing at this point which changes our schedule

RVHS Athletic Director Jeff Cochran’s update from 9/15:

Fan Attendance: We are allowing fans here at Round Valley! Games may look a little bit different, but we are not limiting any attendance to our games; all are welcome to attend. 

Attendance at away games: Each school has been given the ability to develop their own fan attendance policies. There are schools that we will play that will not allow fans. Some schools will have limited attendance at games. Some will require masks and social distancing. As guests, we must adhere to their policies, even if they are challenging. We kindly ask for cooperation at other locations to allow games to flow smoothly. On a week to week basis, coaches will be given each location’s fan attendance policies to share with parents and players. 

Reduced pricing for family passes:  Were $300 and they are now $150.

For Elks home Football games: We will have bleachers on the opposing sidelines, for visiting teams to sit in. Visitors will enter from the east side of the dome and be seated on the east side as best as we can. Home team (Elks fans) will be entering on the west side, with seating on our home sideline stands. We do have a football scrimmage set for Sept 25th, 2PM at the dome. We will be hosting Willcox. Since this is considered a scrimmage, no score will be kept and concessions will not run. 

For Elks home Volleyball Games: Seating will be around the east dome court as usual. Sidelines will also be limited to coaches, players, medical personnel and administration.

For Elks home Soccer Games: All fans will be allowed to sit on the west side bleachers for games in the dome. For games outside, fans can sit around the field on the north side of the dome. Sidelines will also be limited to coaches, players, medical personnel and administration.

Elks Concessions: We will be offering concessions with bottled beverages and pre-packaged items (candy bars, popcorn etc) to help minimize line sizes during football games.  

Elks Sideline Information: With the AIA guidelines that have been implemented across the state, our sidelines will be closed off. Only coaches, players, medical personnel and administration will be allowed down on the field/sidelines.

Elks Ticket Pre-Sales for Football Games: We will be offering and highly encouraging fans to purchase pre-sale tickets for entrance into our home football games. You can buy your tickets on a week to week basis, beginning next week Sept 21st, here in the High School Office. Hillary Rider will be the point of contact for the tickets (we are allowing two weeks for the St Johns games).

Pre-sales will occur each week. Contact Hillary at 928.333.6800 ext 6815

Fall Schedules:

Football: https://www.azpreps365.com/teams/football/1962-round-vall/132752-varsity

Volleyball: https://www.azpreps365.com/teams/volleyball-girls/907-round-vall/132766-varsity

Girls Soccer: https://www.azpreps365.com/teams/soccer-fall-girls/420-round-vall/132762-varsity

Boys Soccer: https://www.azpreps365.com/teams/soccer-fall-boys/371-round-vall/132758-varsity

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