001 – Celebrate Good Times, Come On!


  • Meet Coach Hinton, Varsity Boys Basketball 
  • Round Ball recap


  • State Champs
    • 35 years and 39 years
  • Livestream recap (Dan)
  • 2A to 3A proposed changes, and impact.
    • Who’s moving up and down?
    • Why the moves?
      • Stephen – “It is based on success the last 3 years. 50% from this year and 50% previous 2 years. Teams that did poor moved down teams that did well moved up. The theory is they want to have more teams succeed and it not be so predictable. That is why Holbrook is going down and we are going up. They claim the only thing that is grounds for going down is geographic hardship. PC has 185 kids and also are going up. Notre dame Prep has 850 and will be in 6A. Private schools are not benefiting. Football placement is not based on enrollment now.”
  • Community Celebration


  • RV versus SJ dual, 1/28 in SJ, livestream

Wrap up:

  • Facebook Post GIVEAWAYS (pick them)

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