Bringing Round Valley Sports and Events to you

(no matter where you are)

In 2013 a few members of the Round Valley community began discussing how to bring Elks events and activities to our friends and family that couldn’t make it to the games. We began, slowly, toying with the idea of live streaming content to the world.

Whether it is a brother deployed in Japan, a mother in the Middle-East, or a grandmother in Idaho who I am sure screams at her phone or computer while watching, our goal is to bring the action to you in a format you can easily access, enjoy, and interact with. We know The Herd is everywhere, and we want to bring us closer together!

What else are we doing?

Team & Player Interviews

We meet up with the student athletes to help personalize them to you, and get the inside scoop on their seasons.

Our Podcast (to be named)

We have no idea what we are doing here, but are going to begin a conversational podcast where we talk all things Round Valley Elks Sports, Clubs, Activities, and Events.

Community Insight

Reaching out to the community and to the parents of athletes gives another perspective on the impact of Round Valley Schools.

Join The Herd

We have a fun and engaged community of students, parents, athletes, and alumni that comment and participate in Let’s Go Elks!

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